Santa Khaidem, Advocate

Technology has brought with it much advancement which makes our lives easier. Education and technology have been going hand in hand with each other from the beginning to till now. As an innovation tool, technology has played a central role in improving teaching and learning in light of educational reforms around the globe. An incredible drift in the field of education has been the use of information and Communication Technologies (ICT) which makes life more dynamic and practical. Internet has grown rapidly over the last decade and given rise to many awareness in the field of education, profession, business and entertainment. The integration of ICT into education has been assumed as the potential of the new technological tools to revolutionize an out moded educational system.

Technology has also led to advancements in crime. Youths indulge in criminal behavior and practice abusing the cyber resources to transformation of information gathered through cyber technology. These conditions are termed as cyber crime. So there are a wide range of criminal activities that are committed through internet. The cybercrime today is the latest and perhaps the most complicated problem in the cyber world.


Cybercrime refers to any crime which involves a computer and a network for committing a crime. A generalized definition of cyber crime may be “unlawful acts wherein the computer is either a tool or target or both”. The other definition could be, “cybercrime is a form of crime where the internet or computers are used as a medium to commit crime.” A limited knowledge of crime occurring in “cyberspace”, known as cybercrime, which happens on computer and internet. Wall (2008) defines cybercrime as “crimes that are mediated by networked computers and not just related to computers”. Zaviar-geese (1998) suggested that cybercrime is broader term including activities such as fraud, unauthorized access, child pornography, and cyber stalking.

In the views of Taylor (1999) “cybercrime usually divided into two major groups of offences. In one a computer connects to a network is the target of the offence and this is the case of attacks on network confidentiality, integrity and availability”. On other hand the outer category consists of traditional offences such as theft, fraud and forgery which are committed with the assistance to a network, computer networks and related information and communication.

There are many terms used to describe cybercrime. The former descriptions were “computer crime”, “computer-related crime” or “crime by computer”. With the pervasion of digital technology, some new terms like “high-technology” or “information-age” crime were added to the definition of cybercrime. Other forms include “digital”, “electronic”, “virtual”, “IT”, “high-tech” and “technology-enabled” crime. However, on the one hand, each of them didn’t cover the whole meaning of cybercrime, because there is no incorporation of networks. On the other hand, terms such as “high-tech” or electronic” crime might be too broad to specify that the crime is the exact cybercrime. Currently, although no one term has become totally dominant in use, ‘cybercrime” is the term used most pervasively.

The level of cyber crime awareness vary from one individual to another on the basis of their environmental situations. Urban people have high level of cybercrime awareness as compared to rural people. The cause may be that urban people have more facilities to use technology i.e. computer, internet etc. as compared rural people. So urban people have more knowledge and awareness about the crime related technology and have more exposure to media.

It is very unfortunate that cybercrime has become a social phenomenon in the present day conflict situation in Manipur. It is due to the fact that people start indulging in criminal behaviour and practice this technology in a very wrong way. So the need of the hour is to check this phenomenon from dif ferent levels. Here lies the important role of the family, parents, community, public, N.G.Os., clubs, organizations and government. We can remember here that a good family produce a good citizen and a bad family produce a criminal. Here lies the role played by family in the socialization of the child. Parents at a broader level can raise awareness to the community about this social phenomenon. It is high time for our people to rethink on the ways they adopt for social concerns and issues. We should make more effective efforts to aware people about cybercrime by organizing seminars, debates on illegal activities committed through internet. So that we become aware of it and use internet more effectively in all aspects.