Khaidem Mani, Sr. Advocate

In our society in the State of Manipur, we have been facing various unending problems, such as corruption, injustice, human rights violations, crime against women, law and order, and failure in all respect. We may put a big question to ourselves that why and how we have been facing these unlimited various problems in our state? The BIG answer may be because of lack of governance or misgovernance. If the proper governance is there everything can be checked in a proper manner. Here I would like to mention that the most important problem is lack of governance or misgovernance in our State. So it can be said that misgovernance causes all these unlimited various problems and it may be termed as the mother of all the problems.

Then, why this lack of governance or themisgovernance in our State? Because too much corruption in politics and too much dirty in our electoral system. We have seen openly and also transparently in buying and selling of votes during the course of the present electoral system. Elections were held like festival of corruption in the State of Manipur.

Corruption has been defined as the abuse of public office or influence for personal gain. It is not only about the wrong use of money, but also about the wrong use of power. It is not only about  the bribe in government officers, but also about various forms of manipulation and blackmailing, political twisting, physical elimination of political opponents, interfering with election process by  using illegal means marginalizing legitimate claims, silencing the voices of the weaker sections and fixing matches. Corruption has also reference to hidden deal, unpaid salaries, underpaid employees and unfair pressure.

We accept misgovernance, corruption, injustice and gross violations of human rights etc. without any protest. We call ourselves tolerant people,and yet when we see this kind of injustice happening around us, we turn out our faces and walk away. Is this tolerance or cowardice? We have adopted the culture of silence as a result of our indifference. This is not good for ourselves as well as for our society.

It may also be pertinent to mention herewith that it is not only the bad and poor performance of the Government, but also always the inactivity of the  alleged good people like  me  and you  that does it. In other words, if Citizens does not oppose corruption injustice, or gross violations of rights, then he is encouraging it.

In view of the above discussion and in order to fight corruption, misgovernance, injustice and gross violations of rights etc. we should campaign for a change under the name and style of  “PEOPLE FOR CHANGE’’ in the state with like minded people. At least let us start this campaign from today itself by means of LITIGATION, ADVOCACY and by using MEDIA and also by using easiest and effective methods in democratic manner.

The need of the hour is to start campaign for a change in manipur otherwise our condition may become from bad to worst.let us stop spreading rumor like “change in manipur is impossible”. Everything can be changed if we are ready to face any consequences when campaigning against corruption, misgovernance, injustice, gross violation of human rights and crime against women etc. For me, the said campaign has begun under the banner of “people for change’’. Hope to join it.